Trainings facilities in Ulvenhout prior and during the WC Archery in may/june 2019


Dear guest,
Welcome to the website of Alliance d’Amitié Archery club Ulvenhout, founded in 1851!

Our club has been nominated as one of the official training sites for the able-bodied 
and the disabled foreign athlete teams during  the coming World Archery Championships 
which will take place in the city of s’Hertogenbosch in june 2019.

Our club possesses 32 outdoor foam Eleven targets all equipped with 5 spots.

We also are the only club in The Netherlands which has a synthethic floor for outdoor use.

This provides the disabled atheletes of having a hardend surface on the shooting line (see photoshooting line).


Unfortunately seeing the climate in The Netherlands during the summer
months can be rather wet at times, we have the possibility of placing a row of tents (64m) on the shooting line.

This will provide
  the athletes enough protection against rain and wind 
during the practise rounds.
Our indoor facility which has just gone through a big renovation, is totally accessible for disabled athletes. In front of the building we have 3 handicapped parking spaces, which allows the possibility for athletes being dropped off.

The price for a target for 4 archers costs € 100 a day.
Half day sessions, 1 target for 4 archers costs €50 a day.
Lunch is also available for € 12,50 a person.

Don’t hesitate, send your application as soon as possible  for use of our trainings facilities. This can be done by sending us an e-mail,

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